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Dubai Ice Rink is an Olympic-sized ice rink located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers a unique and exciting experience that allows visitors to enjoy ice skating in a comfortable and safe environment.

The ice rink features a range of facilities and services, including skate rental, locker rooms, and a café. It also offers a variety of activities and events, such as ice skating lessons, ice hockey games, and figure skating shows.

Visitors can enjoy public skating sessions or book private lessons with professional instructors. The ice rink is suitable for skaters of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to experienced skaters.

Dubai Ice Rink is a great place to escape the heat and enjoy a fun and unique activity with friends and family. It provides a comfortable and safe environment for skaters to enjoy their favorite winter sport, and it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

The ice rink is also a popular venue for birthday parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. It provides a unique and memorable setting for any event, and the staff is always available to assist with planning and organizing.


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  • Family friendly


Day 01 :

• Start your day by heading to the Dubai Ice Rink, located inside the Dubai Mall. The rink opens at 10:00 AM, so plan to arrive around that time to avoid the crowds.
• Rent your ice skates and protective gear from the rental counter, or bring your own equipment if you have it.
• Once you’re suited up, hit the ice and spend the morning gliding around the rink, practicing your skating skills, and enjoying the chilly atmosphere.

• Take a break from skating and head to one of the many dining options in the Dubai Mall. You can find everything from fast food to fine dining, so there’s something to suit every taste and budget.
• After lunch, head back to the ice rink and continue skating for the rest of the afternoon. If you’re with kids, the penguin skating aids are a fun way to help them learn to skate without falling.
• Evening:

• Wrap up your day at the Dubai Ice Rink with a fun game of ice hockey. The rink hosts regular pick-up games, or you can bring your own equipment and organize your own game with friends.
• If you’re not into hockey, you can also take a spin around the rink during one of the rink’s disco sessions, which feature music and colorful lighting effects.
• Once you’ve had your fill of ice skating, head back into the Dubai Mall to do some shopping or catch a movie before calling it a day.


Cost Inclusions

  • Ice Skating: The main activity at the Dubai Ice Rink is, of course, ice skating. The rink offers ample space for skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced figure skaters.
  • Skate Rental: If you don't have your own ice skates, the Dubai Ice Rink provides rental skates in a range of sizes.
  • Protective Gear: Safety is a top priority at the Dubai Ice Rink, so all skaters are required to wear protective gear, including helmets, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. This gear is provided with your skate rental.
  • Penguin Skating Aids: For younger or less experienced skaters, the Dubai Ice Rink offers penguin skating aids, which are designed to help kids learn to skate and stay upright on the ice.
  • Ice Hockey: The Dubai Ice Rink also hosts regular ice hockey games, including pick-up games that anyone can join.
  • Disco Sessions: Several times a week, the Dubai Ice Rink hosts disco sessions, which feature fun music and colorful lighting effects to create a party atmosphere on the ice.
  • Figure Skating: If you're an experienced figure skater, the Dubai Ice Rink offers ample space for practicing your jumps, spins, and routines.

Cost Exclusions

  • Activities which are not Include
What is Dubai Ice Rink?

Dubai Ice Rink is an Olympic-sized ice rink located in the Dubai Mall. It is a popular destination for ice skating and ice-related activities in Dubai.

What are the opening hours of Dubai Ice Rink?

Dubai Ice Rink is open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight) every day.

Do I need any prior experience to skate at Dubai Ice Rink?

No, you do not need any prior experience to skate at Dubai Ice Rink. The rink offers skating lessons for all ages and skill levels.

What equipment is provided at Dubai Ice Rink?

Dubai Ice Rink provides ice skates and helmets for all visitors. Gloves are also available for purchase, and it is recommended that visitors wear warm clothing.

What are the age requirements for Dubai Ice Rink?

There are no age restrictions for Dubai Ice Rink. Children under 100 centimeters tall must be accompanied by an adult on the ice.

Is Dubai Ice Rink safe?

Yes, Dubai Ice Rink is safe when proper safety procedures are followed. The rink has trained staff and safety equipment, and all visitors are required to attend a safety briefing before skating.

What are the prices for Dubai Ice Rink?

Prices for Dubai Ice Rink vary depending on the activity and package that you choose. Prices start at around AED 75 (USD 20) for a 1-hour public skating session.

Can I bring my own ice skates to Dubai Ice Rink?

Yes, you can bring your own ice skates to Dubai Ice Rink. However, they must be in good condition and meet the rink’s safety standards.

Is there a dress code for Dubai Ice Rink?

There is no specific dress code for Dubai Ice Rink, but it is recommended that visitors wear warm, comfortable clothing. Skirts and dresses are not recommended for safety reasons.


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