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Welcome to the Dubai Opera House, a world-class cultural destination located in the heart of Dubai. With its stunning architecture and state-of-the-art facilities, the opera house has become an iconic landmark and a hub for performing arts in the region.

Architectural Marvel:

The ubai Opera House is renowned for its distinctive dhow-shaped design, inspired by the traditional sailing vessels of the Arabian Gulf. The elegant and contemporary structure stands out amidst the city’s skyline, showcasing the blend of tradition and modernity that defines Dubai.

Versatile Performance Spaces:

The opera house boasts a range of versatile performance spaces, including a grand auditorium, a smaller studio theater, and a rooftop garden. These spaces can accommodate a variety of performances, from intimate plays and recitals to large-scale operas, musicals, and concerts.

World-Class Acoustics:

Acoustic excellence is a hallmark of the Dubai Opera House. The design incorporates state-of-the-art sound systems and carefully crafted acoustics, ensuring that every seat in the house offers an immersive and high-quality audio experience.

Diverse Performing Arts:

The Dubai Opera House hosts a diverse range of performing arts, showcasing both local and international talent. Visitors can enjoy opera performances, classical concerts, ballet and contemporary dance shows, theater productions, comedy acts, and more. The programming caters to a wide range of interests and cultural preferences.

Cultural Events and Festivals:

In addition to regular performances, the Dubai Opera House also serves as a venue for cultural events and festivals. It hosts prestigious events such as the Dubai International Film Festival and Dubai Jazz Festival, attracting artists and audiences from around the world.

Educational and Outreach Programs:

The Dubai Opera House is committed to promoting arts education and community engagement. It offers a range of educational programs, workshops, and masterclasses to nurture young talent and provide learning opportunities for people of all ages. These initiatives aim to inspire and cultivate a love for the performing arts.

Dining and Hospitality:

The opera house features a variety of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, and bars, where visitors can enjoy pre-show meals, drinks, or post-show gatherings. The venues offer a range of cuisines and atmospheres, providing a complete dining experience for patrons.

Spectacular Views:

The Dubai Opera House’s rooftop garden provides breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape, including the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. Visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas and take memorable photos while savoring the beauty of Dubai’s skyline.


Iconic Events and Performances:

Over the years, the Dubai Opera House has hosted numerous iconic events and performances, featuring internationally acclaimed artists and productions. From renowned opera companies to world-class orchestras, famous singers, and award-winning theatrical productions, the opera house has been a stage for unforgettable performances.

Whether you’re a fan of opera, theater, dance, or live music, the Dubai Opera House offers a vibrant and enriching cultural experience. Immerse yourself in the world of performing arts and witness the magic of live performances in this iconic venue.


  • Low Cost
  • Fun and Adventure
  • Family friendly


Day 01 :

Arrival and Welcome:
Arrive at the Dubai Opera House and take a moment to admire its stunning architecture and the surrounding area.
Enter the opera house and proceed to the main entrance, where you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff.
Pre-Show Exploration:
Take some time to explore the opera house and its facilities. Admire the grand foyer and the elegant interior design.
Visit the exhibition spaces or galleries within the opera house, which may showcase art, photography, or cultural exhibits.
Pre-Show Dining:
If you wish to have a meal before the show, head to one of the restaurants or cafes within the opera house or in the nearby area.
Enjoy a delicious meal and savor the culinary delights before the performance.
Check the showtime on your ticket and make your way to the designated theater or performance space.
Present your ticket at the entrance and proceed to your assigned seat.
Sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy the captivating performance.
If there is an intermission during the show, take a break and stretch your legs.
Visit the refreshment areas within the opera house to grab a snack or a drink.
Post-Show Experience:
After the show, show your appreciation by applauding the performers.
If there are any post-show activities or meet-and-greet sessions, follow the instructions provided by the staff to participate.
Take the opportunity to mingle with fellow attendees and share your impressions of the performance.
Rooftop Garden (optional):
If the opera house has a rooftop garden, head up to enjoy the panoramic views of the city skyline.
Take some time to relax, take photos, and soak in the atmosphere of this unique vantage point.
After a memorable evening at the Dubai Opera House, make your way towards the exit.
If you have some time, explore the surrounding area, which may offer additional dining, shopping, or entertainment options.


Cost Inclusions

  • • Live Performances
  • Pre-Show Exploration
  • Dining Experiences.
  • Rooftop Garden (if available)
  • Cultural Events and Festivals


  • Backstage Tours
  • Photography and Videography
  • VIP Experiences
  • Workshops or Masterclasses
  • Special Events or Galas


How do I purchase tickets for shows at the Dubai Opera House?

Tickets for shows at the Dubai Opera House can be purchased online through the official website or through authorized ticketing partners. You can choose your preferred seating category and make secure online payments.

What is the dress code for attending performances at the Dubai Opera House?

The dress code at the Dubai Opera House is generally smart casual. While there is no strict dress code policy, it is advisable to dress elegantly and respectfully for the occasion. Avoid wearing beachwear, athletic attire, or flip-flops.

Can I bring my children to performances at the Dubai Opera House?

Children are welcome at the Dubai Opera House, but it depends on the specific show and its suitability for children. Some performances may have age restrictions or recommendations, so it’s best to check the guidelines provided for each show

Is there parking available at the Dubai Opera House?

Yes, there is parking available at the Dubai Opera House. The venue has its own dedicated parking facilities, and additional parking may be available nearby. It is recommended to arrive early to secure a parking spot, especially during busy events.

Are food and beverages available at the Dubai Opera House?

Yes, there are food and beverage options available at the Dubai Opera House. The venue offers restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy a meal, snacks, or drinks before or after the show. It is advisable to make reservations in advance, especially during peak times.

Is photography allowed during performances?

Generally, photography and videography during performances are not allowed to respect the artists and ensure an uninterrupted experience for all guests. However, you may be able to take photos in designated areas of the opera house, such as the foyer or rooftop garden, before or after the show.

Are there any age restrictions for attending performances at the Dubai Opera House?

Age restrictions may vary depending on the nature of the performance. While some shows may be suitable for all ages, others may have specific age recommendations or restrictions. It’s best to check the age guidelines provided for each show or contact the Dubai Opera House for clarification.

Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets if I can't attend a show?

The refund and exchange policies for tickets vary depending on the specific terms and conditions set by the Dubai Opera House and the ticketing provider. It is advisable to review the refund and exchange policy at the time of purchasing tickets or contact the appropriate channels for assistance.

Is the Dubai Opera House accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, the Dubai Opera House is designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities. It offers accessible seating, ramps, elevators, and facilities to accommodate guests with different mobility requirements. If you require specific assistance or accommodations, it’s recommended to inform the opera house in advance.

Can I book a private event or corporate function at the Dubai Opera House?

Yes, the Dubai Opera House offers spaces for private events, corporate functions, and special occasions. Whether it’s a gala dinner, product launch, conference, or wedding, the venue can cater to a variety of events. It is recommended to contact the Dubai Opera House events team for more information and booking inquiries.


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