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Welcome to Ekart Zabeel Dubai, your premier destination for all your shopping and entertainment needs. Located in the heart of Dubai, Ekart Zabeel offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Here’s what you can expect to find at Ekart Zabeel:

Shopping Extravaganza:

Step into a world of luxury and style as you explore our diverse range of high-end fashion brands, exquisite jewelry, premium electronics, and much more. From renowned international designers to local boutiques, Ekart Zabeel caters to every fashion enthusiast’s taste and preference.

Gourmet Delights:

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other at Ekart Zabeel’s array of world-class restaurants, cafes, and eateries. Whether you’re craving authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, international flavors, or delectable desserts, our dining options are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Entertainment Galore:

Get ready for thrilling adventures and non-stop entertainment at Ekart Zabeel. Experience adrenaline-pumping go-karting on our state-of-the-art indoor track, perfect for racing enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. We also offer a range of virtual reality experiences, arcade games, and interactive attractions, ensuring fun for the whole family.

Wellness and Relaxation:

Take a break from the bustling shopping experience and rejuvenate your senses at our wellness and relaxation centers. Pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments, unwind with a yoga session, or simply relax in tranquil surroundings designed to promote serenity and well-being.

Events and Festivities:

Ekart Zabeel is a hub of excitement and entertainment, with a calendar full of events and festivities throughout the year. From fashion shows and live performances to seasonal celebrations and cultural exhibitions, there’s always something happening at Ekart Zabeel to keep you entertained.

Convenient Services:

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why Ekart Zabeel offers a range of services to enhance your shopping experience. Enjoy complimentary valet parking, personal shopping assistants, gift wrapping services, and more to make your visit effortless and enjoyable.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

Ekart Zabeel is designed to cater to the entire family. We provide a safe and welcoming environment for children with dedicated play areas, kid-friendly dining options, and entertainment facilities suitable for all ages. Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones as you explore the diverse offerings at Ekart Zabeel.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a food lover, or simply looking for an exciting day out, Ekart Zabeel Dubai promises a one-of-a-kind experience that combines luxury, entertainment, and convenience. Come and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities at Ekart Zabeel, where shopping meets entertainment in the heart of Dubai.


  • Low Cost
  • Fun and Adventure
  • Family friendly


Day 01 :

10:00 AM: Arrival at Ekart Zabeel Dubai

Begin your day by entering the magnificent Ekart Zabeel complex, where luxury and entertainment await.

10:15 AM: Shopping Extravaganza

Start your shopping spree by exploring the wide range of high-end fashion brands, jewelry stores, and electronics outlets. Discover the latest trends and find unique pieces to add to your collection.

12:00 PM: Lunchtime Delights

Take a break and treat yourself to a delicious lunch at one of the many gourmet restaurants or cafes within Ekart Zabeel. Choose from a variety of cuisines and indulge in a mouthwatering meal.

1:00 PM: Go-Karting Thrills

Gets your adrenaline pumping with an exhilarating go-karting session at the indoor track. Challenge your friends or family members to a race and experience the thrill of high-speed racing in a safe and controlled environment.
2:00 PM: Virtual Reality Adventures

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality at one of Ekart Zabeel’s virtual reality centers. Try out thrilling VR experiences, interactive games, or immersive simulations for a truly unique and captivating adventure.

3:00 PM: Relaxation and Wellness

Take some time to unwind and recharge at one of the wellness and relaxation centers. Enjoy a soothing spa treatment, participate in a yoga or meditation session, or simply find a peaceful spot to relax and rejuvenate.

4:30 PM: Family Fun Activities

Engage in fun-filled activities that cater to the whole family. Visit the dedicated play areas where children can enjoy interactive games, creative workshops, and educational activities designed to entertain and inspire.

6:00 PM: Evening Entertainment

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Ekart Zabeel as the evening sets in. Catch live performances, fashion shows, or cultural exhibitions taking place within the complex. Check the event calendar to see what’s happening during your visit.

8:00 PM: Dinner and Departure

end your day with a memorable dining experience at one of the renowned restaurants at Ekart Zabeel. Choose from a variety of cuisines and savor the flavors of a delightful dinner. Afterward, bid farewell to Ekart Zabeel, taking with you the memories of a fantastic day.
Please note that this itinerary is a suggestion, and you can customize it according to your preferences and the time you have available. Enjoy your day at Ekart Zabeel Dubai!


Cost Inclusions

  • Go-Karting
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • Arcade Games
  • Live Performances
  • Cultural Exhibitions
  • Wellness and Relaxation
  • Shopping.
  • Family-friendly Activities
  • Seasonal Events and Festivities

Cost Exclusions

  • Activities which are not included


Where is Ekart Zabeel located?

Ekart Zabeel is located in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The exact address is typically provided on the official Ekart Zabeel website or can be obtained through a quick online search.

What are the operating hours of Ekart Zabeel?

The operating hours of Ekart Zabeel may vary, but it typically opens around 10:00 AM and closes around 10:00 PM. However, it’s always best to check the official website or contact Ekart Zabeel directly for the most up-to-date information on operating hours.

Is parking available at Ekart Zabeel?

Yes, Ekart Zabeel usually offers parking facilities for visitors. Complimentary valet parking may be available, or there may be dedicated parking areas within the complex. It’s advisable to check the parking arrangements in advance to ensure a smooth visit.

Are there restaurants and dining options at Ekart Zabeel?

Yes, Ekart Zabeel boasts a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and eateries offering various cuisines. From casual dining to fine dining, visitors can enjoy a range of dining options to suit their preferences.

Are there activities for children at Ekart Zabeel?

Absolutely! Ekart Zabeel is a family-friendly destination with dedicated play areas and activities designed for children. Kids can enjoy interactive games, creative workshops, and entertainment suitable for their age groups.

Can I book events or performances at Ekart Zabeel?

Ekart Zabeel often hosts events, performances, and exhibitions throughout the year. It’s recommended to check the official website or contact Ekart Zabeel for information on upcoming events and the process of booking tickets or reservations.

Is there a dress code at Ekart Zabeel?

While there may not be a strict dress code, it’s generally advisable to dress comfortably and appropriately for a shopping and entertainment complex. It’s recommended to respect local cultural norms and dress modestly when visiting Ekart Zabeel.

Are there special offers or discounts available at Ekart Zabeel?

Ekart Zabeel occasionally offers special promotions, discounts, or packages. It’s advisable to check the official website or social media channels for any ongoing offers or subscribe to newsletters for updates on exclusive deals.


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